Complete health can only be achieved when there is harmony between one's mind, body, and environment.

What is Chinese medicine?

Chinese medical theory is based on observation of the natural world. Though we are much removed from nature in our modern lives, our bodies function in the same way as they have for years and years. By living in harmony with our environments to the best of our ability and harmonizing the internal environments within, we are able to live healthy and happy lives.

One of the fundamental understandings of Chinese medicine is that the body works as a whole. There is no one part that is more important than another, as all parts work in unison to create anatomical structure and physiology. When one or more parts of the body acts out of accord, then there is opportunity for illness and disease. Treatments with Chinese medicine and acupuncture work to restore this balance between all the interrelated systems, bringing the body closer to achieving health and wellness.

More on Chinese Medicine

In 2003, the WHO published a Review and Analysis on the clinical efficacy of acupuncture.

Read more about ways in which acupuncture has been proven to be an effective treatment.

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