All human beings have the innate ability to heal. My job is to act as a catalyst in your efforts towards optimal health.

Something about me

My journey into the profession of health and healing began as an undergraduate at the University of California in Berkeley. In trying to find my way, I was fortunate to have crossed paths with some of the most generous and inspirational people on the planet. I had the opportunity to develop my clinical diagnostic skills and bedside manner as a medical case worker, was able to combine my love of plants with the healing arts through the study of medical ethnobotany, and I found a home for my critical and analytical mind by working as a study director in an endocrinology laboratory. For over four years, I studied the effects of chemical products on the hormone system, and in the end decided that maybe a life in reductionist science was not the right path for me.

With the intent to continue my studies in plant-based medicine, I planned a trip to Asia following the completion of my degree. A month before my expected departure, I was involved in a debilitating motorcycle accident which left me unable to walk unassisted. I spent two days in a hospital and was treated with nothing more than narcotic pain killers when I was released.

Needless to say, my plans of leaving the country had been foiled. Lucky for me, my mom knew of a doctor who provided treatments at a temple in Southern California. With one treatment using acupuncture and moxibustion, he was able to help significantly and permanently reduce the pain I was feeling and, more importantly, restore the underlying functionality of my body.

With a renewed perspective on healing, I moved to New York and began my studies in Chinese medicine. What started as a desire to educate myself in an art form that had directly altered the path of my life quickly became an intense love affair with the richness and dynamism of the medical theory. It is simple and profoundly intelligent, while simultaneously dynamic and complex. With the longest recorded medical history in the world, Chinese medicine has withstood the test of time, and with so many regional differences and contributions made by various masters throughout the years, I was beyond inspired. With mountains upon mountains of information to sift through, it was like I entered Nerd Heaven.

After years of intensive study on both the East and West coasts, I completed my Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University in Los Angeles. I was able to gain invaluable clinical experience in some of the most prestigious institutions along the way, and have been blessed with the good fortune of meeting exceptional teachers as well as countless patients who have taught me and continue to teach me what it means to be healthy. It is with absolute love and fervor that I commit myself to the practice of Chinese medicine, and to helping others realize their healing potential.


Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Los Angeles
- Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York

University of California, Berkeley
- Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Biology

Clinical Experience

Private Practice since 2009
Community Practice since 2005

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Pediatric Pain Management Clinic

Being Alive, West Hollywood

Simms/Mann Wellness Center – Venice Family Clinic
Pain Management Clinic

Yo San University Community Clinic

St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, New York

Fortune Society, New York

St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, New York
Hospital In-Patient Substance Abuse Services

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York Community Clinic

Suitcase Clinic, a project of the University of California, San Francisco and the University of California, Berkeley Joint Medical Program

Professional Licensing

California State Acupuncture Board


Yo San University, Los Angeles

University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Berkeley

Gump Field Station
Tahiti/Mo’orea, French Polynesia


Environmental Health Perspectives
Pesticide mixtures, endocrine disruption, and amphibian declines: Are we underestimating the impact?
Authors: T. B. Hayes, P. Case, S. Chui, D. Chung, C. Haefele, K. Haston, M. Lee, V-P Mai, Y. Marjoua, J. Parker, and M. Tsui

Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands
The Effects of Environment on the Developmental Morphology of Caulerpa racemosa in Mo’orea, French Polynesia
Author: Vien-Phuong Nini Mai

Additional Work in the Community

Global Alternative Health Project
- Navajo Nation, AZ
- Jackson, WY

Jenesse Acupuncture Project, Los Angeles

Ethnic Minorities Outreach, Viet Nam