The human body is so magnificently complex that even the smallest action can elicit the most sophisticated physiological response.


Acupuncture is the insertion of extremely thin solid needles into the body at specific points to stimulate blood circulation, natural immune response, and the circulation of qi. The needles used are sterile, single-use, stainless steel and are about the thickness of a shaft of human hair.

What to Expect

Needles are most commonly inserted in the arms and legs and at or near the site of pain. Depending on a person’s condition, acupuncture points on the back or front of the body as well as the head and face may be used. Needles are typically retained for about 20-30 minutes, during which time one will feel very relaxed and may even fall asleep. Needle retention time varies according to the patient and their condition - some people need more time, some need less. The same principle applies to the number of needles used, which varies from person to person and from treatment to treatment depending on an individual’s condition at the time of treatment.

What does acupuncture feel like? Does it hurt?

When done correctly, acupuncture does not hurt. Depending on your reactivity and the point being treated, you may feel the insertion of the needle and subsequently the "qi sensation." This can range from a dull ache to a throbbing, distending sensation that moves up or down the limb. These are all normal sensations.