Food is medicine. It is my belief that with the appropriate food and drink, there would be little need for any other kind of medicine.

Eastern Nutrition

Everything you ingest, from meat and dairy to tea, vegetables, and grains, has a particular action in your body. In Eastern Nutrition, the value of a food is not based on nutritional content alone. Food, much like herbal medicine, has specific properties that elicit certain actions on the body. A common misconception is that a “medicated diet” is the same for everyone. Not true! For instance, if a person has digestive trouble that is classified in Chinese medicine as having a pattern of Damp Heat, they should avoid oily and sweet foods, and stick to bland foods without much flavor. However, if someone shows a pattern of Cold and Deficiency, they should avoid raw meals such as salad, and try to eat more soups or foods prepared to generate more heat in the body. It is also a common misconception that people should only regulate their diet if they have digestive trouble or if they are trying to alter their weight. Certain conditions such as migraines, depression, and insomnia can be significantly improved by eating the right foods. Particular dietary recommendations will vary depending on a person’s overall constitution and condition.