Here's what others are saying about Nini Mai.


As a 78-year-old woman suffering from several long-standing medical problems, I am grateful for Nini's medical wisdom and expertise in restoring me to better health. When I first heard about her, I had moved to Los Angeles from another state by recommendation of my physician. I had been diagnosed with heart failure, emphysema, and COPD and my doctor felt that being in lower altitude would help. My heart was beating too fast and erratically and the medicine I was taking had serious side effects. But after twice-weekly sessions with Nini for a month, my heartbeat improved to near normal and I no longer need medication of any kind.

For the last couple of years, I have trusted Nini with my health and well-being. I rely on her for assistance in everything from post-surgical pains to internal disorders. In fact, I had just been diagnosed by an eye doctor as having borderline glaucoma. Nini gave me a single acupuncture treatment for this condition, and two weeks later my eye doctor said that I was no longer borderline. On a scale from one to ten, I was now a one.

She has absolutely earned my trust with the amazing work that she does. Working with Nini is a joy.

-Ethel P., Santa Monica, CA

Nini began treating me in October of 2007 after I'd been suffering from continuous colds & symptoms relating to a weak immune system. As a fulltime DJ, I have a nocturnally active schedule that made it difficult to fully recover from a cold before another illness began coming on. Through a regimen of needling and herbs, Nini strengthened my immune system while also working on my sleep schedule & diet to help bring balance to my life. Nini treated me at my worst to not only bring me up to a better standard of health than I had been used to for the last 6 years, but also to strengthen my body to prevent the onset of new symptoms. I now see her weekly to work on reducing my menstrual cramps & relieve spinal issues resulting from my work. Every week, my appointment with her feels like a reset button is pressed to balance the perils of my mainly nocturnal lifestyle. Over the years, I have referred several of my friends to seek treatment with Nini. They've all reported positive experiences and have seen real change in their health & lives because of it. Although I choose to continue weekly appointments with her to work on my various needs, I've noticed many patients see Nini for a only short period of time to achieve the improvement and results they seek. Nini treats patients with the goal of encouraging their independence from her services, rather than nurturing a dependence on her treatments. She works to restore a patient's health so they don't need to come back for the same reason later on in life. Having her as my main health practitioner has made a huge and positive difference in my health that I continue to see as every month passes.

-Shaden T., Los Angeles, CA

As seniors, my wife and I are grateful that we were referred to Nini Mai for acupuncture treatment. We have found Nini to be deeply knowledgeable in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine and that her treatments are quite effective.

When I first met her, I was experiencing daily pain in my right hip from a worn replacement. After the first treatment, I was so surprised to be able to lift my leg up high enough to get in and out of the shower unassisted. Now, thanks to Nini, I can walk much more easily and without pain or discomfort. Some days I find I don.t have to use a cane.

At 87, also had increasing memory problems and difficulty with insomnia. Here again Nini.s treatments are making a real difference. My doctor at the VA even noticed a difference and remarked on the improvement in my mental clarity. He even asked for her card!

I now feel more energetic, clear-headed and optimistic about my health. Even on days when things are not so good, I always feel better after a treatment with her. Nini is a remarkable healer.

-Ray P., Santa Monica, CA

I have always been averse to seeking any type of medical attention, and I definitely don.t care for needles. Lucky for me, I was a pretty healthy kid, until I moved to San Diego for college and picked up Ultimate Frisbee (a sport held on grass). I began to develop hives. At first these hives would appear on places that came into contact with the field. I shrugged this off as a minor nuisance until the hives became persistent. They started to appear on a daily basis, regardless of whether or not I came into contact with grass. The hives were not discriminatory and appeared everywhere and anywhere on my body, generally at the most inopportune moments. It was unsightly and irritating, and most importantly, it kept me from sleeping due to the pain and irritation.

Because of these symptoms, I began to seek treatment. At first my only resource was the student health center. After several rounds of blood testing and being inaccurately told that I had every disease known to man, I began to question whether or not any of them can ever really help me. I eventually sought out an allergy specialist. Before I even got to sit down, the allergy specialist told me that the majority of hive cases cannot be explained. This worried me a bit. I was paying money to see a specialist that already had a preconceived notion that there was no explanation for my hives. Sure enough, after less than ten minutes of talking to me, he prescribed me some Zyrtec and sent me on my way, never even attempting to get to the root of my problem. Although this annoyed me, the medicine he prescribed seemed to help with the hives, which satisfied me until I lost my health insurance and the cost of the medication began crippling me.

After over 5 years and thousands of dollars spent hiding my symptoms, I was fed up with having to pop a pill every day. I wanted answers. I wanted to live hive-free. I wanted to get rid of the problem, not just the symptoms. After conjuring up some courage, and getting past my fear of needles, I sought out an alternative treatment in Acupuncture. .What could be worse?. I figured. I had already spent the majority of my adult life choosing between taking medicine everyday or risking the chance of being miserably itchy and insecure about my skin.

I was nervous and tentative at first. The needles were my main concern. Would I feel them? Would they hurt? But those feelings soon passed. The acupuncturist, Nini, was very professional. She would check on me periodically to ensure that I was comfortable and would always warn me of any potential discomfort. The treatment itself was somewhat relaxing. To be honest, I walked out of there thinking that even if my hives were not cured, at least I got a spa day out of it.

That night I experienced the worst case of hives I had ever had. The entire area that she treated (my back, neck, arms, and legs) was covered in hives. I was dejected, cursing her in my misery. .Never again!. I said to myself. But the next day I woke up without hives. And the next, and the next.

It wasn.t until about a month later that I realized that they weren.t coming back. Every day I woke up fearing that I.d spot one in the mirror, but they never appeared. It has been over a year now since the treatment and I have not had one hive. Nini has done for me what no other doctor, specialist, or medication has been able to do. Instead of trying to hide my symptoms, she treated me at a level that addressed the root of the problem. Thank you, Nini.

-Vi M., San Diego, CA